Monday, September 12, 2011

Potty for Big Bo!

I had heard horror stories of potty training for people, and let me tell you, this little man was nothing of the sort. I think that the trick was that Bo was more than READY for the potty. He was always telling me when he went poo in his diaper and sometimes that he had went pee. So I decided that I would give it a whirl. I didn't want to start him this early, but he was giving me an opening and I decided to try it. We started on a Friday night after work and that night he had NO accidents. Saturday was a tough day, 4 accidents in a row in the morning, then nothing the rest of the day. Sunday, he had two accidents and was getting very emotional. I almost decided to quit and just go back to diapers. Sent him with like 12 pairs of underwear to day care that week, and he had NO accidents ALL week! We have had one here and there, but I think I can say, we are done! He is good to go! Daddy taught him how to pee outside, and he would much rather pee outside then in a public restroom. Somehow we will have to figure that one out. I am so proud of him. He is so SMART! He is growing up too quick. I love that he is so cuddly, sweet and loveable. He loves to give big kisses to everyone and hates to hear babies cry. He is so concerned with everyones well being. He loves anything with an engine, especially his Uncle Clint's bike. He is obsessed with it! He loves to play with his puppy Duke, that is as energetic as Bo. Yet he loves to give him kisses and hugs depsite the fact that Duke tramples him almost daily. I will post more pics later of his 2yr. party. 2 YRS OLD!! Holy cow! I thank God everyday that he sent me this little angel.

Our summer was a long and hot one. We had SIX (6) new additions in our family this August. Four new cousins (2 boys, 2 girls) and my sister and brother both had babies as well. Kirt with his first child, a boy, Clay. He is so cute and has Kirt wrapped around his finger already. And then Carime had another girl that was born on Bo's b-day. Her name is Emery and she is adorable. Such a sweet baby.

Nathan has been busy already on hunting trips. He just got home from Alaska yesterday and then is off tomorrow night for Wyoming for a week. So it has been alot of just me and Bo time. I already shot my elk this year and so has Nathan. With those two out of the way early, it helps us concentrate on helping friends and family with their elk hunts, and then its on to deer in October/November. The SOLO Hunters TV show is doing great this year. We have received alot of positive buzz and I am hoping that it continues to do well. We have two bear hunts, three elk hunts and a moose hunt already taped this year and its only September. Hope that this luck continues for the rest of the year.

I am thankful everyday for our family and friends we have and all they do for us. We are very blessed. I hope that everyone else is doing well and I am looking forward to this fall.
 Loves reading on the pot, just like Dad.

 4th of July

 Macy, Preslie, Jace & Bo having fun at Papa's house.

His favorite horse, Marcos, at Grandma Tawnja's house.

His cupcake at daycare for his birthday. She swears it wasn't sour apple frosting, he begs to differ.

My 2011 bull. 425yrd shot, right in the boiler room!

Nate's 2011 bull. We call him Superfreak. Shot in a "freak" rain storm as well with 50mph winds. His club weighs almost 30lbs by itself. Definately a rare bull that Nate was happy to smack.

My little man in his under roos. So handsome. I could squeeze his little bum cheeks. So dang cute!


Karen said...

Can't tell you how many times I wish my girls could pee outside instead of venturing into a public restroom! Love little bums in undies! (But not in a weird pedophile way!)

Shelley said...

Liked this post. He's so big! And you are such a good Mom!!!

Mary said...
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Mary said...

He is so cute! I love when your own little kid is running around half naked!So cute! But it's kinda weird to say you like seeing OTHER peoples kids half naked, you know? So I won't say that. But he sure is getting big, and is a little cutie!